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Stock Traders Talk Exclusive | Hiro Watanabe | VP of US Business Dev. | GPIW

Stock Traders Talk Exclusive | Hiro Watanabe | VP of US Business Dev. | GPIW

11 03 2014 102725

Stock Traders Talk Conducts Exclusive Interview with Grand Perfecta Inc’s (GPIW) VP of US Business Development, Mr. Hiro Watanabe.

About Grand Perfecta, Inc. (GPIW)

Grand Perfecta, Inc. is a provider of data analytics, research publications and the distribution of horse racing and other related information in Japan.  Grand Perfecta’s management is a team of professionals in the horse racing services industry with over 70 employees.  The Company has used its expertise to achieve considerable success with more than one million subscribers in Japan,  distributing its product via various media, including print, internet and text messaging and telephonically.  The Company also publishes Umajin, a horse racing magazine in its 15th year of production. Additionally, Grand Perfecta has produced several books on horse racing and has overseen the production and management of TV programs and events in horse racing and other sports industries.

Grand Perfecta, Inc. maintains a website at www.g-perfecta.com while financial information can be viewed at www.otcmarkets.com. Investor and other inquires may be directed to Ms. Chio Sasaki at sasaki@g-perfecta.com